Members of the ASA Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics

CHAIR TO 2017: Andrew C. H. Morrison

Term to 2019:

Edgar J. Berdahl

Judith C. Brown

Courtney B. Burroughs

Thomas M. Huber

Christopher M. Jasinski

Wilfried Kausel

Bozena Kostek

Timothy W. Leishman

Daniel O. Ludwigsen

Andrew N. Miller

Robert Mores

Thomas D. Rossing

Daniel A. Russell

David B. Sharp

Julius O. Smith

William J. Strong

Joe Wolfe

Term to 2018:

Judit Angster

Rolf Bader

Xavier Boutillon

Jonas Brassch

Murray D. Campbell

Rene E. Causse

Whitney L. Coyle

Nicholas J. Giordano

William M. Hartmann

Keith A. Moore

John C. Price

Brad H. Story

Sten O. Ternstrom

Stephen C. Thompson

George Tzanetakis

Christopher E. Waltham

Randy S. Worland

Shigeru Yoshikawa

Term to 2017:

James W. Beauchamp

George A. Bissinger

Annabel J. Cohen

James P. Cottingham

Diana Deutsch

Jack Dostal

Uwe J. Hansen

Peter L. Hoekje

Ian M. Lindevald

Robert W. Pyle

Gary P. Scavone

Ex Officio:

James P. Cottingham, member of Medals and Awards Committee

James W. Beauchamp, member of Membership Committee

Andrew C. H. Morrison, member of ASACOS

Martin Lawless, member of Student Council


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