International Symposium on Musical Acoustics (ISMA)

Montreal, Canada      18-22 June 2017

173rd ASA Meeting

Boston, Massachusetts      25-29 June 2017

3rd Joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America & the Forum Acusticum of the European Acoustics Association

174th ASA Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana      4-8 December 2017

175th ASA Meeting

Minneapolis, Minnesota      7-11 May 2018

176th ASA Meeting

Victoria, Canada      5-9 November 2018

177th ASA Meeting

Louisville, Kentucky     13-17 May 2019

178th ASA Meeting

TBD-                           Fall 2018

179th ASA Meeting

Chicago, Illinois         Spring 2020

180th ASA Meeting

Cancun, Mexico         Fall 2020

Proceedings of Past Meetings

ISMRA 2016: International Symposium on Music and Room Acoustics

La Plata, Argentina     11-13 September 2016

ICA 2016: 22nd International Congress on Acoustics

Buenos Aires, Argentina     5-9 September 2016

Vienna Talk 2015 on Music Acoustics

Vienna,  Austria   16-20 September 2015

ISMA 2014: International Symposium on Musical Acoustics

Le Mans, France, 7-12 July 2014 – Proceedings now online

SMAC 2013: Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference

August 2013 Proceedings now online


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